Ooo, rocky start, 2020.

Cheeto gets impeached

About time! Maybe things are looking up in 2020.

Rumblings of a new Coronavirus

Most of the world reacts. Notably absent—the U.S.

Cancun Wedding Bells

What better way to celebrate a friend's nuptuals than sand, sunshine, and spa treatments?

Photo of kubb being played in melting snow.

Christopher plays kubb in a pond

The snow melted into crazy, sloppy conditions, but he managed to take home second place.


But for the last time in 2020, unfortunately…

WHO Declares COVID-19 a Pandemic

Shit gets real…

Short Commute Times

Because the office is now two steps from the bedroom, and there's no need for actual clothes anymore, getting to work is no problem.

Hanging Out on Überisle

Animal Crossing becomes the only thing worth concentrating on for a while. Both Abby and Christopher start fishing, shaking trees, and catching bugs to deck out their houses and wardrobes.

A collage of Abby on TikTok


Abby dances her days away on TikTok. Check her out at @abbyabbyjo

Kubb On (AKA Christopher) hosts a tournament

The North American Virtual Kubb Tournament is the world's first "live" virtual tournament.

Zoom Zoom

There were many, many Zoom, FaceTime, House Party, and [insert video chat app of the week] sessions with friends and family.



Photo of the George Floyd memorial in Minneapolis.

Revolution in the Backyard

George Floyd is killed by a police officer in Minneapolis, sparking protests against police brutality and racial injustice.

Culinary Creations

Missing some of her favorite things, and being very quarantine bored, Abby learns how to make numerous treats at home.

Happy Anniversary!

Abby and Christopher celebrate eight years of marriage by doing absolutely nothing, because 2020.

The Jones Den Cafe opens

Armed with their new espresso machine and a lot of time, the Joneses learn to barista.

F1 is number 1 on Sundays

Thanks to an awesome Netflix documentary series, Formula 1 race days become a Sunday staple.

Sk8r Gurl

Abby takes up longboarding.

Heatmap of Christopher's biking in 2020.

Christopher dusts off his bike

Which quickly turns into a full cyclist lifestyle, sexy bike shorts and all. He pedaled over 750 miles from August to December. Follow him on Strava

Christopher poses with his new bike.

New Bike Day

You saw this coming… Christopher gets a fancy (no, seriously FANCY) new bike because that's pretty much all he does anymore.

The Mandalorian Returns

And Baby Yoda makes every Friday a reason to celebrate.

Photo of Abby and Christopher's exercise bike.

Bringing the Pedaling Inside

The weather gets colder, but the Joneses find a new way to get their sweat on. Add them on Peloton!
abbyabbyabbyy | c4jones2

Biden Wins

Joe and Kamala get it done.

Trump Loses again

Because baseless whining doesn't hold up in a court.

Lord and Lady Jones

Christopher and Abby buy a tiny plot of Scottish land and are now titled Lord and Lady.

Joe & Kamala Win… again

Deja vu

Ultrasound photo of Baby Jones

Meeting a future Jones

Abby has her first ultrasound, revealing the newest Jones, due to arrive April 29, 2021.

What a year!

Um wow. 2020. The year that felt like five in one. When we look back at all that we endured, we feel exhausted. There were bright spots in the pain, opportunities to learn and grow, and opportunities to reflect on what it means to help our fellow humans. As we look ahead at 2021, we see more opportunities—opportunity to bring new life into this world, and for us to grow and change along side it. If 2020 was good for anything, it showed us that we can survive hard things, and we can find peace and joy hidden in unexpected places.

To all of our friends and family, we hope that 2021 can shine brightly and deliver you where you’d like to be. 2020 sucked. Congratulations on making it through. Here's to hoping 2021 sucks less!

Peace and Love,
Abby, Christopher & baby Jones